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2023 FoldAR MoBetta 16" Rifle Reviews

Would You Buy A Foldable AR Or Is It Just A Gimmick - FoldAR Review

Colion Noir
FoldAR sends NFA Packing with its Concealable .999 MOA 16" Rifle

Top Shot Dustin
FoldAR - Crazy AR15 Modification!

Military Arms Channel
FINALLY Folding Rifle that's NOT a Gimmick

The VSO Gun Channel
You've Never Seen An AR Do This: The FoldAR MoBetta 16" Folding Rifle

Honest Outlaw
Benefits of a Folding AR

3 of 7 Project

Why FoldAR?

MoBetta® CCR-A
6.8 lbs
Sub-MOA Accuracy Capable
Transferable Lifetime Warranty
No-Risk, Secured Barrel Connection
Deployable from Standard Backpack
Deployable from Backpack, Assembled
<5 Second Deployment from Backpack
Total Darkness Deployment from Backpack
Optimal for School-Based LE
Optimal for Clandestine Ops
Adjustable Gas Bolt Carrier Group
Adjustable Gasblock
Quick Change Barrel System/Caliber
Weapons System Kit Configurable
Suppressor Ready
Zero-Play Upper/Lower Fitment
4-Bolt Barrel Connection System
Concealed Carry Backpack Included
Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
QPQ Melonite Coated Barrel
Optimized Barrel System Disassembly
Optimized Star Chamber Cleaning
Made in the Republic of Texas
Saw the FoldAR on YouTube. Some unknown guy at a gun show. Wow, I thought that thing folds down smaller than traditional rear folding stock. I was impressed with the ingenuity of a FRONT folder. So I went to their website. Sold out. OMG. Went again and again and… finally. Available. I was so excited. Boom Ordered one. It arrived at my FFL shortly there after. Everyone at the gun shop had to play with it. First one anyone had ever seen. Most hear rumblings of such a thing. I ordered the 16in in 5.56. Bonus was the little backpack it came with. Super nice idea. Never have enough back packs. To me first impressions were eh. Just a cool idea disguised as a normal gun. Boy was I wrong. It sat around for a month or two. I ordered a great LPVO and mount. Messed with fitment for quite a while. Settled on a 3x prism. Took this along with a $4K Gucci plus build to the range. Time to sight it in. I started with my fancy rifle and the LPVO. Frustrated with the height over bore and eye relief I put it away and pulled out my FOLDAR. To be honest. I just wanted it to fire, hit the paper and I was going to put it away. Without bore sighting I hit paper at 100 yards. Luck was on my side. 3 rounds later, with a 3x optic and my range bag as a rest, I’m shooting a 0.48 inch group. WHAT. I’m with a buddy and he is in awe. His POS AR was jamming and I’m shooting the best I have ever shot ever. Not to test fate. I shot another 5 rounds all within 0.5 of an inch. I’m thinking this is unheard of. Truth be told. I’m shooting Black Hills 77gr Sierra OTM. I ended up shooting this magnificent piece on engineering for another 445 rounds. I’m so impressed. I slathered with break in grease, and just kept shooting. 100% flawless performance. Who would think this thing would shoot so accurately. It is light, sturdy, rattle free, and just works. It is now my grab when we gotta go gun. And my gotta show off at the range gun. And my backpack gun. And I think I’ll make one for the wife gun.

Thank you FOLDAR.
Great customer service, you actually get to speak to someone. Fast turn around once item has been purchased, LOVED the little extra that came with it. Was very surprised to see that. Just need a sticker now to add it on the Safe. Thanks
Ordered a complete upper and it showed up a couple weeks after I ordered it. Unpackaged it and there was a gouge in the right side of the hand guard. Contacted customer support and they got a new one out to me immediately. And they paid shipping to get the damaged hand guard back to their QA department. Took it out and ran it through its paces with some 55gr green tips and not a single flaw. Broke it down, and reassembled many times to see if I could get it to change zero. No such luck. It held rock steady every time. I’m pretty satisfied both with the quality of the upper and their customer support. I’ll buy more in the future.
FoldAR has great customer service. I ordered a bcg and FedEx lost it in the mail. Misty the Rep I spoke with not only called FedEx and filed a claim but also shipped out another bcg but using UPS this time. She was nothing but kind, polite, and very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend them.

Premium Quality

100% Made and Manufactured in the USA

Veteran Owned

Proudly Owned and Operated by US Veterans

Lifetime Warranty

We Guarantee Every Product We Manufacture

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What other manufacturer is willing to do this on their serial 00001?

In this test, Pepper was thrown approximately 50 feet unfolded. And yeet again, Pepper lives to be smashed another day.

The light mount attachment did bend a little... as seen by the slight downward slope of the Rein 3.0 light.

To all the Foldy-McFolderson Haters out there: You thought the barrel would just "snap off"? Yeet, what part of "tank" do you not understand?

-What if it gets roughed around, will it still be operable? Yes!

-Will it Return to Zero? Yes!

-When will the folding barrel interface components wear out? Likely Never! Lifetime Warranty.

Equally of which received the abuse, SN: 00001 is configured with:
@huxwrx Flow 556K #flowthrough
@clouddefensive Rein 3.0 light
@lancersystems 20rd
@magpul vfg, K2+, and CTR



3359 97

Range Day @primaryarms_gov always goes by too quick!
#rangeday #roundup
#ccr #concealedcarry #sro #sble #concealedcarryrifle

114 1

“That shoots smooth.” @rooftop_komplex @alerrtcenter
@huxwrx @eotech @primaryarms_gov #rangeday #foldar #concealedcarrylife

320 6

FoldAR Deployment @primaryarms_gov Range Day 😎
Thanks for having us Primary Arms!
@huxwrx #flow556k
@viktosbrand #perimeter25
@eotech #exps3

214 4

We often get challenged on certain hot-topic matters regarding our unique and patented folding barrel interface.

-Will it Return to Zero?
-What if it gets roughed around, will it be inoperable?
-When will the folding barrel interface components wear out?
-What if debris gets in the chamber?
-Why don’t you create a plug/cap for the exposed chamber when folded?

You decide.

Equally of which received the abuse, SN: 00001 machine gun is configured with:
@huxwrx Flow 556K #flowthrough suppressor
@clouddefensive Rein 3.0 weapon light
@lancersystems magazine
@magpul vertical foregrip, K2+ grip, and CTR stock

In this test, Pepper was thrown approximately 50 feet unfolded.


122 9

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