Frequently Asked Questions

What accuracy is the foldar platform capable of?

Our chambers are headspaced for optimal accuracy while retaining loading/ejection reliability. Even though FoldAR does not guarantee a particular accuracy warranty for individual shooters, FoldAR rifles are designed to achieve 1-MOA after a break-in period, operator, and ammo experimentation. See TEEX FoldAR testing results here, averaging approximately 1.0 MOA with our older outsourced barrels. Our new in-house barrels are much more accurate.


Does the foldar platform hold "Zero" after repeated deployment?

The short answer is, Yes! Rigorous in-house and independent third-party testing during the past two years and numerous field rifles show a consistent return to zero when the rifle has folded and deployed hundreds of times and over the course of different temperatures and operating conditions. We have never had any measurable POI shift over thousands of rounds! Note: shooting the rifle until hot, disengaging the locking mechanism, then immediately reconnecting and continue firing will relieve the pressure on the connection and the tapered parts will microscopically expand under the existing heat. Reconnecting while hot could potentially result in a very slight POI shift. Obviously this is not a practical example because there will never be a need to fold and deploy the rifle in the middle of rapid-use sessions. In any case, even if the FoldAR was operated in such an impractical manner, we have found that POI settles back in after firing just a few rounds! See TEEX FoldAR testing results here, finding a return-to-zero capability of approximately 0.05 MOA.


Are there any additional safety concerns particular to the foldar platform?

None! The folding mechanisms have been independently tested by TEEX for safety. It was concluded that FoldAR products are identical to standard AR15 firearms in regards to safety of the design and its function. Even failing to engage the lever and hook will not create a uniquely dangerous situation while shooting.

What improvements have been made to foldar products each year?

2017: Initial “pre-production” product was licensed to F&D Defense LLC, called the XAR Invicta. These were machined East Texas Machining & Manufacturing LLC [“FoldAR”] from billet, though nearly indistinguishable from subsequent products made from much stronger 7075-T6 forgings.

2018: Switched from Key-Mod to M-Lok handguard adapter slots.

2019: Upgraded to adjustable gasblocks and added a paracord pull-lanyard to the locking lever for easier lever/hook disengagement.

2020: Upgraded to our FoldAR lower receivers manufactured in-house.

2021: Upgraded to the Gen3 Dead Foot Arms MCS Folding Stock Adapter. Upgraded our in-house barrel manufactured capabilities.

2022: After exhausting efforts to source quality BCGs, we started experimenting with the Bootleg, Inc. adjustable bolt carrier group. We have found that Bootleg BCGs outperform all other Mil-Spec BCGs we previously used in production while allowing a full range of gas adjustability needed for shorter barrel setups and suppressor usage. We also introduced forged levers and hook improvements.

2023: Introduced the MoBetta modular barrel systems, allowing hot-swaps between barrel length and calibers within seconds. We also expanded available barrel lengths.

As you see, we are excited to release product improvements each year and have a lot more in the works!

Why is my upper and lower difficult to pin together?

In addition to the folding barrel interface, we are the inventor of the SHUT feature, which creates tension between the upper and lower assemblies. When pinned together, the SHUT feature removes all wobble between the two assemblies. For disassembly, squeeze the upper and lower together towards the back with one hand, then the rear takedown pin will disengage. For assembly, insert the front takedown pin first, then squeeze the upper and lower together towards the back with one hand, then the rear takedown pin will engage.

How does it fold if the bolt is locked in the chamber?

When folding the FoldAR platform, simply pull the charging handle rearward a couple inches which releases the bolt from the barrel extension, allowing the rifle to be folded. Use the same technique for deploying the FoldAR platform. We recommend leaving the bolt in the forward position while the firearm is folded.

Why is the foldar better than just unpinning the upper assembly from the lower assembly?

The FoldAR cuts the upper receiver assembly overall length by 8” when in the folded position, allowing a much more compact rifle than a traditional AR-15, even when a folding stock is utilized. This allows the operator many options (otherwise unavailable) for a more discreet carry, the ability to store a full-size rifle on duty where space is limited, or just the convenience of being able to travel without the need for a long conspicuous case. In addition to the significant length savings, and as opposed to “disassembly” solutions, the FoldAR remains fully assembled and ready to go at all times; thus no need for keeping up with loose parts and awkward assembly and stowage techniques.

Why is the foldar better than any other compact or takedown rifle solution?

As opposed to other folding firearms in the marketplace, the FoldAR platform is a true AR firearm suitable for various calibers, some of which have an effective range well beyond 1,000 yards.

Other “takedown” models built around the AR platform either have a bulky design, awkward takedown/assembly process that is unreliable and takes time, or requires two (or more) separate pieces to keep track of and pack when separated.

With the FoldAR platform, your firearm is always together and fully assembled. Deployment and stowage only takes a matter of seconds and is an extremely simple and reliable process. Also note the ease of cleaning the bore and star chamber!

Does the FoldAR Platform accept "Standard" AR-15 parts?

Yes! The FoldAR platform was built around maintaining as much standardization with “mil-spec” components as possible and is compatible with most of your standardized AR-15 parts. The only proprietary operational parts are the upper receiver, forearm, barrel extension, gas tube, and locking lever. We offer parts for individuals, gunsmiths, and OEM’s who wish to assemble or turn their own barrels for acceptance into the FoldAR platform.

What are the downsides or disadvantages of the FoldAR Platform compared to a "Standard" AR-15?

None! In fact, the FoldAR platform can be set up as either a folding barrel or fixed barrel configuration. To fix the barrel, simply install four mounting screws and remove the pivot pin and locking lever. Because any added weight from the folding mechanism is negligible, no additional safety concerns exist, and the price is comparable to any quality standard AR, there is no reason to avoid making the FoldAR platform your new AR standard!

What kind of warranty does FoldAR provide?

FoldAR offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty against all manufacturer defects! If any FoldAR product is faulty or defective, we will repair or replace it. If you are having any issues with your FoldAR product, please see our Warranty & Returns page for details.