Transformative Firearm Technology

FoldAR is a Veteran owned and operated firearms manufacturer located in Texas, and is the Sole Source for Concealed Carry Rifles. It may be best to think of FoldAR as “SkunkWorks” of the firearms industry, where we proactively develop transformative firearm technology behind the scenes. It’s obvious why FoldAR is Unhinging the Competition.

The FoldAR product line-up is often described as filling a “niche” within the firearms market; but it’s much more than that. In reality, FoldAR is an evolutionary replacement of the successful 70-year-old platform created by Eugene Stoner. Its patented hinge located near the barrel-breach interface of the upper receiver allows the FoldAR product line to stow and conceal like no other firearm.

Able to remain fully assembled in its most compact form – and limited in compactness only by the length of its barrel – FoldAR has established its place as the one and only Concealed Carry Rifle. With our Lifetime Warranty and Accuracy Guarantee, FoldAR has evolved the application of firearms in ways never before possible.

Further defining the disruptive nature of the FoldAR product, we anticipate that within another 20 years, non-folding rifles will generally be perceived as antiquated technology because there are neither any functionality, reliability, accuracy, weight, nor safety compromises with the FoldAR folding barrel interface. In fact, each of these areas are improved over non-folding platforms.

Corby Hall


Mr. Hall began his career designing AR-platform firearms in 2005 after being approached by LWRC to help design their SABR, originally proposed as a “compact” piston-operated AR10. Upon successful completion of his work, the SABR was renamed REPR and became LWRCI’s flagship product.

East Texas Machining & Manufacturing LLC (ETMM) began in Mr. Hall’s Leander, TX garage with a basic CNC machine in 2009. Between 2009 and 2016, Mr. Hall designed and made high-precision AR’s, including the world’s first long-action AR in 338 Lapua Mag. In 2016, Mr. Hall developed and patented the folding AR10 and AR15 upper (US Patent 9,995,556), and created the FoldAR brand in 2018.

Mr. Hall focuses on the general management of FoldAR’s operations, as well as developing new products and scalable manufacturing strategies for complex components and assemblies. In total, Mr. Hall has 24 years’ experience in complex product design and advanced manufacturing strategies. As an inventor, he has been granted 8 utility patents, bringing 5 to market, with several more in claim-development.

Mr. Hall is an honorably discharged US Navy Veteran.

Melody Hall

Executive Vice President

Mrs. Hall joined FoldAR to direct its marketing, systems integrations, customer service, quality assurance, human resources, accounting, industry relations and compliance.

Melody fashioned her career by taking new businesses to the next level with her management expertise and sales background. Proving a natural ability to identify bottlenecks in existing business structures, she has extensive experience in helping companies break out of “start-up” status.

Prior to joining FoldAR, Mrs. Hall strategically created business models that function well in other industries. Building on her prior success, Mrs. Hall structured an orthodontic company’s business model for under-served markets, leading to a 250% increase in sales within one year. More recently, her prowess was engaged by another orthodontic company, leading to its public acquisition of over $1 Billion.

Mrs. Hall resides in East Texas with her husband and two children, and takes pride in exemplifying hard work, resilience, loyalty, and compassion as the most important driving factors to success. She is a motivator and provides a high level of inspiration to all those around her.

Great customer service, you actually get to speak to someone. Fast turn around once item has been purchased, LOVED the little extra that came with it. Was very surprised to see that.

Jeannie G

100% flawless performance. Who would think this thing would shoot so accurately? It is light, sturdy, rattle free, and just works. It is now my grab when we gotta go gun. And my gotta show off at the range gun. And my backpack gun. And I think I’ll make one for the wife gun.

David S

I purchased my FoldAR on Sunday, Order received Monday.. Received my Rifle on Thursday..10/12/23. Amazing Service, Great Rifle.. and now waiting to shoot it.. A Big Thanks to who ever worked my Order…You Made an Old Veteran Very Happy.

Mike B