FoldAR Review: Best Concealed Carry Rifle?

Pew Pew Tactical

December 7, 2023

Sean from Pew Pew Tactical reviews the Fold AR, a compact rifle that folds in half for compact storage. The rifle comes with a VIKTOS backpack and is designed to be concealable while maintaining accuracy. Sean demonstrates the folding mechanism, highlighting the barrel nut, gas system, and feed ramps. The concealed carry rifle features standard AR-15 controls, Magpul furniture, and a thin rail for accessories. The video includes accuracy tests at various distances using different types of ammunition, showcasing impressive sub-MOA groups. Sean also discusses the trigger’s characteristics and provides insights into the concealed carry rifle’s overall performance. Despite its price tag of just over $2,000, the Fold AR offers a compelling combination of compactness and accuracy. For more details, viewers are encouraged to check out an accompanying article on the Peww Tactical website.