The best way to stop a School-Shooter.

America First

September 22, 2023

For years, Sebastian Gorka has emphasized the paramount importance of personal defense for oneself and one’s family, to stop a school-shooter. A sentiment echoed by Fold AR’s Ray Barron. Barron stresses the value of training alongside former special operations personnel to empower individuals to take immediate action rather than relying on external assistance. Fold AR offers a folding rifle solution designed for rapid deployment, enabling users to swiftly address threats. Barron highlights the increasing threat posed by assailants equipped with heavy weaponry, underscoring the inadequacy of handguns in such scenarios. With heightened threat levels, there’s a corresponding need for enhanced response capabilities. Equipping officers with Fold AR ensures continuous readiness for real-time response, seamlessly transitioning from backpack to deployment in a mere seven seconds. For those interested in training opportunities, visit Freedom Defence Training at