Mrs. Hall joined FoldAR to direct its marketing, systems integrations, customer service, quality assurance, human resources, accounting, industry relations and compliance.

Melody fashioned her career by taking new businesses to the next level with her management expertise and sales background. Proving a natural ability to identify bottlenecks in existing business structures, she has extensive experience in helping companies break out of “start-up” status.

Prior to joining FoldAR, Mrs. Hall strategically created business models that function well in other industries. Building on her prior success, Mrs. Hall structured an orthodontic company’s business model for under-served markets, leading to a 250% increase in sales within one year. More recently, her prowess was engaged by another orthodontic company, leading to its public acquisition of over $1 Billion.

Mrs. Hall resides in East Texas with her husband and two children, and takes pride in exemplifying hard work, resilience, loyalty, and compassion as the most important driving factors to success. She is a motivator and provides a high level of inspiration to all those around her.