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The FoldAR MoBetta Compact Weapon has an overall folded length under 15″, making it the most compact full-capabilities suppressed weapon system ever created. With its quick-change barrel system capability and unprecedented concealability, the MoBetta CW can easily and quickly be configured into the One Rifle to Rule Them All. OPTICS AND SUPPRESSOR NOT INCLUDED

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FoldAR Blemish Firearms: occasionally we receive parts from anodizing that have minor blemishes.
We fully warrant all our BLEM models and ensure that these defects are visual only.
Let it be your opportunity to start building your One Rifle for a great discount!

One Rifle: an extraordinary rifle designed to accomplish multiple configurations of calibers and barrel lengths without compromising any areas of performance, reliability, safety or accuracy. History of the “One Rifle” begins in 1920 and ends with FoldAR leaping far beyond the “One Rifle” concept in 2023.

One Rifle to Rule Them All: an exceedingly extraordinary rifle, having all the advantages of the “One Rifle”, but also including the ability to conceal inside an EDC backpack, remain fully assembled, and be deployed within seconds.

The 2023 FoldAR® Compact Weapon is a more concealable version of our Concealed Carry RifleTM technology, and it just got MoBetta®! Our latest generational improvements include a Quick Change Barrel System, allowing the operator to swap calibers and barrels lengths faster and more reliably than any other weapon system on the market.

With FoldAR’s patented folding upper, the FoldAR platform gives you the highest level of concealability possible without sacrificing any areas of performance, reliability, weight, or safety. Deployment and stowage only takes a matter of seconds and is an extremely simple and reliable process, allowing you to quickly and efficiently carry and transport the platform in ways never before possible! FoldAR Compact Weapons are supplied with a 5.11 Tactical Rush Moab 8 sling-pack.

One Rifle – Barrel Selection Guidelines:

  • 9.0″ – Our most popular barrel length for CQB-work because of its ability to remain suppressed while maintaining concealability [Colion Noir] within a small 16″ EDC sling-pack. Combined with a collapsed stock or pistol brace and a compact suppressor (6″), our 9.0″ barrel allows the weapon system to fold in half, at 14.75″.
  • 10.5″ – Custom Order Request. We have not pursued this intermediate short barrel length because it offers no ballistic or concealment advantages over the 12.5″ barrel, as both will still fold down to 14.75″. However, for some operators and requirements there may be a slight ballistic and concealment benefit in a 10.5″ that rests between our 9.0″ and 12.5″ configurations.
  • 12.5″ – Our most popular barrel length for precision gunfighters because of its mid-range capability while maintaining concealability within a small 16″ EDC sling-pack. Combined with a collapsed stock or pistol brace, our 12.5″ barrel allows the weapon system to fold in half, at 14.75″. It should be noted, this setup can still squeeze into most 18″ EDC packs when a compact suppressor is installed (6″). If having a suppressor that remains attached during concealment is not your priority, then our 16.0″ barrel will deliver the highest ballistic performance.
  • 14.5″ – Custom Order Request. We have not pursued this intermediate barrel length because the concealment benefit over our 16.0″ is not significant. However, some operator requirements may find the slight ballistic and concealment benefit for a special application.
  • 16.0″ – Our most popular among civilians, marksmen and hunters because of its Always-Non-NFA legal status and its capabilities of performing at distance with precision [Alabama Arsenal] and its ability to continuously return to zero [Pew Pew Tactical]. Combined with a collapsed stock, our 16.0″ barrel allows the weapon system to fold slightly over half, at 17.75″. If a full-length fixed rifle stock was attached, it would fold in half, also at 17.75″.

One Rifle – Caliber Selection Guidelines:

  • 5.56×45 NATO – We chamber and identify our barrel as .223 Wylde, as the best chamber design to safely and precisely accept a variety of both .223 Remington and 5.56×45 NATO ammunition. Choose this caliber for the widest availability of affordable ammunition for training to precision hunting, as well as various Law Enforcement and Defense applications.
  • .300 AAC Blackout – Choose 300BLK for its wide spectrum of performance in delivering suppressed energy.
  • 6.5 Grendel – Choose 6.5 Grendel for its stability and higher energy delivery and at distance.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

non-NFA, NFA


SBR, Pistol

Barrel Length

9.0", 12.5"


5.56×45 NATO (.223 Wylde), .300 AAC BLACKOUT

Overall Length

24-3/4” [62.9 cm], 28-1/4” [71.8 cm]

Folded Length

14-3/4" [37.5 cm]

Folded Width

4-1/4" [10.8 cm]


5.5 lbs [2.5 kgs], 5.8 lbs [2.6 kgs], 6.2 lbs [2.8 kg]

Barrel Material

4150 Cold Hammer Forged

Barrel Coating

QPQ Melonite

Barrel Twist

1:7 (5.56×45 NATO), 1:7 (.300 AAC Blackout)

Muzzle Threads

1/2"-28, 5/8"-24

Muzzle Device

A2 Compensator (1/2"-28), HUXWRX Blastphemy (1/2"-28)

Gas System Length

Pistol, Carbine


Fully Adjustable (.750" Diameter)

Bolt Carrier Group

MilSpec Black Nitride

Rail Configuration

Magpul M-Lok

Latch Material

4140 Alloy Steel (Forged)

Chassis Material

7075-T6 Aluminum (Forged)


MIL-A-8625 (Type 3/Class 2 Hardcoat Anodized)

Lower Receiver

FoldAR® – FLDR15


Nickel Match PTFE


B5 BRAVO, FoldAR Brace


B5 P-Grip 23


Lancer 20rd


5.11 Tactical Rush Moab 8


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